BAIS ELIYAHU V’ESTHER is founded on the principles of acceptance and the common goal of connecting with Hashem individually and collectively as a  Kehila. The concept of connecting with and serving Hashem is the epitome of positivity and therefore has no room for politics and arguments. Any ideas and concerns are always welcome by presenting them to the Rav and president directly. The members of the shul will make decisions in unison with the Rav and president. 

The following rules are in place in order to ensure a continued positive environment and proper upkeep of our beautiful shul. 

Membership is required to be a part of the shul’s minyanim. Please speak to the president to discuss membership dues. 

  1. Members of the Shul have set seats. This means, that even if a member is not using their seat at any given time, (absent or late) the seat is still reserved for them. Guest seating is available in the first row of chairs in the front of the shul.  
  2. Any new minyanim must have prior authorization from the Rav and president. 
  3. Children under 16 years old may only attend shul if they are accompanied by an adult. Supervision of all children by an adult is required and is the full responsibility of their parents. The shul does not take any responsibility for the actions of children while they are on the grounds of the shul, inside the building, and/or outside.  
  4. Flyers cannot be posted on the walls for any reason. With prior permission of the president, 1 flyer per table, may be placed on the tables. Flyers will be disposed of at the end of each day. Do not include any Shaimos on these flyers. 
  5. Any Seforim used must be returned to their proper place on the bookshelves after use. Nobody is tasked with putting away Seforim, please be sure to return them after use. 
  6. The entrance for men is the side entrance closest to the deck and the side door of the original house. The front entrance is reserved for ladies.  
  7. The upstairs floor is off limits and not part of the shul. The basement is to be used only during designated times such as a Kiddush or similar event.